Upholding the Heritage: Cultural Spaces of India

How can one define culture?

Culture defiantly speaks about a lot of possible horizons. Culture is infinite. Culture is a way of living.

The current generations is living an exemplar life. With the touch of 1900’s and the modernisation of 2000’s, this generation has been familiar with culture so far. But there exists a place where people are losing their touch with their roots, they are losing the significance of their background and emerging in the tech savvy, contemporary lifestyle where we might forget that all that we might be leaving behind is what comprises our history, our painting.

Anthropologically speaking, the concept of culture is an idea of single importance, for it provides a set of principles for explaining and understanding human behaviour. And the concept of cultural space is a boost for living a life which would correlate both our modern lifestyle and our culture altogether.

Therefore, a cultural space is a space or a community which has its own culture and since India is abundant with its variant cultures, cultural spaces are a very attractive idea here.

So far India has been enriched with few amazing cultural spaces which aim to uphold the culture for the people all over the world to experience and be a part of. These cultural spaces are a tourist attraction as well as a platform for people who practice certain culture which might be fading in the world but through cultural spaces, they aren’t fading anymore.

The most successful cultural spaces of India are the following:


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Located in Banjara hills, Hyderabad, Lamakaan (meaning the abode of homeless)has become a contemporary addition to the city’s culture. Being a non-profit cultural centre which provides space for events such as arts, literature, theatre music and debates, Lamakaaan was Established in March 2010 by Ashhar Farhan, Humera Ahmed, Biju Mathew and Elahe Hiptoola. The day to day events are managed by Subbareddy Adapala.

Lamakaan hosts concerts of local artists like Warsi Brothers, Ateeq Hussain and many other. It conducts various book releases, plays, seminars and events like Wikipedia meetups. Lamakaan  has become an important part of Hyderabad for the artists but also as an open liberal space, where under the sun people can sit and talk and enhance all that’s around.

Lamakaan being such a positive space has been through rough closure threats but so far it overcame the threats and the establishment stands with the same aura. Lamakaan is a space that inspires.

About Lamakaan

Address Near GVK One, Road 5, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

Contact number +91 9642731329

Opening hours 10 am to 10 pm

Entry charges ticket for any events does not exceed Rs.100/

Web Address www.lamakaan.com 


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Saraya is beautiful cultural space in Sangolda that is in the heart of Goa. Saraya is a Sanskrit word meaning “to begin, to flow.” It’s a space where creativity, art culture, food and eco living flows together in an explicit nature. It’s designed by Deeksha Thind, owner of Saraya and also serves as the chef and architect of the place.

Saraya is a confluence of artistic minds and energies. The main attraction is the 300 year old Portuguese house which holds itself as the art gallery where artists, sculptors, writers, musicians and theatre groups come to share their work and promote the local culture. Besides this Saraya also holds many workshops like workshop on Satori music and teaches various Prana movements. Also Saraya provides a stunning outdoor café with delicious meal and hostel facility which are so cheap that it makes this place a total steal away. Starting from Rs.500 to Rs.1500 depending on the rooms. Cherry on the top- They give you free Breakfast!

Ergo, Saraya is a must visit in Goa. It has an amazing energy.

About Saraya

Address House #64, Chogm Road, Sangolda, Bardez, Goa, 403511

Contact +91 8888926811, email- ria.saraya@gmail.com

Opening hours 5 pm to 11pm

Cost Rs.600 for two people approx.

Web address https://saraya.in 




A non-funded cultural space in the capital established in 2012 by Jana Natya  Manch (Janam)- one of India’s leading political street theatre groups. Taken care by Studio Safdar Trust, this is a place dedicated to creating an alternative and affordable space in Delhi for enactment and experimenting with art. Studio Safdar mainly supports activities which are involved with the exploration of multiple intersections of communities and politics.

Studio Safdar is platform which is perfect in order to discuss social issues and talk about the fading cultures and how they can be brought back in the society.

So far it’s new but it’s working on its pace. It’s a nice space for spending time watching drama all around and rehearsing. Studio Safdar is type of cultural space which is promoting theatre in an era where people are more inclined towards movies. Great effort by the trust is resulting in something  so good as Studio Safdar is a hope for all the theatre groups around Delhi and other places.

About Studio Safdar

Address 2254/2A Shadi Khampur, Guru Nanak Nagar, New Ranjeet Nagar, New Delhi-110008

Contact +91 9818386114| 011 2570 9456

Opening hours 11am to 8pm

Entry charges FREE

Web address   www.studiosafdar.com


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From Indian pottery to plethora of weaves, woodwork, jewellery, clothes and local crafts of each region of the country, Shilparamam is a fantasy of India’s colour, diversity and talent.  Established in 1992, Shilparamam is spread over 65 acres in Madhapur.

This cultural space is regarded as an never ending cycle of festivals of arts and crafts which presents ethnic art, crafts and skills of the rural folk from all parts of the country.

The most interesting part of Shilparamam is its rural museum. It’s the epitome of classic Indian village depicting rural and tribal lifestyles. It’s a window for the city dwellers and people around the world to see the rural lifestyle.

However, Shilparamam is Hyderabad’s tribute to India’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

About Shilparamam

Address Hi Tech City Main Road, Madhapur, Near Cyber Towers, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

Contact no +91 4064518164

Opening Hours 10:30 am to 8pm

Entry Charges For Adults INR 40 and for Children INR 20

Website www.shilparamam.in



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10km south of the Adyar river is a bohemian artist village, spread over 10 acres is Cholamandal Artists Village- this artist village is a serene point to relax. Founded in 1966 by artists of the Madras Movement, Cholamandal is India’s largest self-supporting artist’s village and one of the most successful in Asia.

K.C.S. Paniker, painter and the visionary behind Cholamandal, gave India contemporary Indian art. Today it’s a major attraction, this beautiful village is amazingly equipped with everything which needs it to make a hub for contemporary art. Especially the open air theatre- Bharathi, which conducts many conferences, discussions and seminars.

Cholamandal Artist Village has earned massive respect and holds a great reputation all around the world. It believes in art only and is holding the responsibility of portraying contemporary art in the best way ever!

About Cholamandal Artist Village

Address E Coast Road, Cholamandal Artists Village, Injambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600115

Contact No 044 2449 0092

Opening Hours 9:30 am to 6:30 am

Entry charges Rs. 20 for Adults and Rs.5 for Children

Website www.cholamandalartistvillage.com


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Smriti Nandan Cultural Centre is a perfect example of alliance between culture and modernity. The mainstream focus of this centre is directed towards preserving the traditions and cultures for the present as well as future generations. They’ve evolved traditions and new legends of music, art, design, theatre, craft and beauty for the people of Bangalore to experience the culture they’ve been leaving behind.

Every month Smriti Nandan conducts cultural programmes which are mainly about philosophy and spirituality, folk theatre, literary events, designing, Film making, music, craft, art, dance etc.

They move along with the modern energy and traditional motifs creating a splashing exposure to our heritage.


About Smriti Nandan Cultural Center

Address 15/3, Palace Rd, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052

Contact No 080 2225 8091

Opening hours Monday to Friday: 9 am to 6 pm

Entry Charges Rs.150 (including one house drink)

Website www.smritinandan.org

The entire concept of having a cultural space is outstanding as our culture this way never really dies; it stays and stays until people associated with them uphold them. Cultural space not only brings responsibility for people to stay close to their roots but also brings them nostalgia with flashback to their history. The above discussed cultural spaces are so far making so much difference in India and its people as this concept is walking side by side with living the tradition and living the modern life.

As long as people loving their culture and roots exist, it might not fade but stay for numerous future generations to see what cultural extravaganza is India!

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